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Dec 10, 2016

Stone Benchtops - Granite vs Marble

Which Stone Benchtop Is Best? Let's start with granite. Granite are formed by magma that's cooled down deep inside the earth's crust.
Posted by: David


Welcome to granite shorts. Today will tackle a very common question....How do you tell granite top from a marble top?

Which Stone Benchtop Is Best?

Let's start with granite. Granite are formed by magma that's cooled down deep inside the earth's crust.

They can also be metamorphic in their nature, meaning they were already magmatic rock that was compressed on the high pressure and heat. The easiest way to tell granite from other stones is by looking deep into its structure.

You'll be able to see very fine crystals of different colours that make up the overall appearance of the stone. Another key feature of granite as a stone benchtop that lets you distinguish it from other stones is the fact that it usually consists of many different colors. In this case we have an overall appearance of a like brown maybe a beige color but when you look close, you’ll see white, gray, black and some red.

This is something that doesn't happen in marble, marble generally is just one solid color maybe two different colors. And lastly if you are in doubt, look at the size of the slab.

Granite usually comes in larger slabs than marble because of its strength. Marble such as this beautiful [unclear 01:34] is a more homogeneous and compact rock. It can be both metamorphic and sedimentary, but it always calcite.

Do you remember the crystals we found in granite? Well, there is none of those in marble. What you do have is a slight veining and a very soft appeal.

Another way of telling marble from Granite is by looking closely at the finish, the shine. Since marble is a softer stone, it’s very hard to bring it to that same very mirror-like glass that granite often gets.

Some marbles can be very wild in their appearance but still the color variation is rather small. It has verges here and a little bit of light browns. Nothing really that stands out from the whole slab.

This is limestone and limestone is a sedimentary stone, it often contains organic remains such as little shells and that’s pretty cool.

This is a great example of slate, slate is a material that's much layered depending on what clay it was formed from, it’s going to have different coloration. Slate only comes in a home finish which is great for flooring both indoors and outdoors because of its non-slippery character.

This is quartile, as the name suggest, the main mineral here is quartz and if you look really close, you will see really fine crystals of quartz in it and it has a very striking appearance, those are very rare stones. Here we have a terrific example of very travertine, travertine is a very soft and porous material, and it has tons of cavities that needs to be filled before it's polished.

This is still one of my favourite stones because of the very soft and warm looks. This is example an example of travertine, you will see the stone very often in bathrooms especially as bathing tubs and tiles.

This magnificent stone is onyx, you see plenty of different colors, It's very intense, the pattern is very wild, they come in couple of different colors, actually there is white, red, pony onyx but one thing is common to all of them is the fact that they're translucent, so you can light it up from underneath and it will give a very nice glow. So we put the light behind the slab to show you how beautiful it looks when it’s lit up and because of its translucence, it’s often used for its decorative purposes. Of all of the stone we’ve shown you today, granite is by far the most popular especially for kitchens. That's because it's extremely durable.

But for other projects in your home such as [unclear 04:45] tops, fireplace sour ends, furniture pieces, small coffee tables. Other stones maybe the better choice, think about Slate, Onyx, travertine, limestone, and quartile. Those stones can also fit your home design perfectly and may just look better than granite and marble.

Thank you for watching granite shorts, I’ll see you next time.