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Apr 27, 2017

Use Higher Quality Granite In Your Kitchen And Still Save Money!

Posted by: David


I want to talk about the kitchen. Now, I’ve done many shows already in the kitchen and everyone knows this point: the kitchen is what sells the property.

Everyone knows that, but how do we capitalise on that? We know that, but how do we translate from what we know to the buyer?

High Quality Granite In Your Kitchen

One of the things that we do at Financial Momentum is we focus on the granite. Now I know, the camera you can’t really pick up all the detail that’s in this granite right here, but this is a granite called Ivory Fantasy. It’s about fifty dollars per square foot for this granite, okay. With this three centimetre, not the two-centimetre granite and it’s a very upgraded granite. You know what I’m talking about.

The first thing I want to say about granite is… well, let’s talk about price-wise first.

A high granite benchtop can be cheaply bought and installed all the way to the hundreds and hundreds of dollars per square metre, bought and installed.

We try to stay around a mid budget range for the material and to install it. One of the things that we always do, though, is we go with the free edge here. This is a flat, smooth edge; there’s no rounding or bullnose or different lines into it; it’s just a smooth edge. It’s free, there’s no up charge to it at all, so it saves us some money there on granite. Another thing that we do is we never put the 4-inch granite backsplash back here.

It saves us a couple of hundred dollars per kitchen by not having that square back backsplash that goes all the way around it.

a) It saves us money and

b) it looks a little bit different when you have the granite comes up and the backsplash runs into it.

We feel like it’s a smoother transition from backsplash to granite with not having that lid there. So it saves us money and it helps us with our design a little bit as well. But, here’s what I want to teach you mostly: when you’re doing your kitchen and it’s time to pick up granite, it’s a difficult choice because there are many, many granite solutions out there.

One of the things that we have, we have a granite book and we have about thirty to forty different granites that we went to our warehouse or where our granite supplier is and we picked out certain granites that we like that were inside of our price range in the low thirties up to the mid-fifties and we have the name of them and the price of them.

It’s the exact book that we use when our designers go to the property and flip through it and say, let’s go with this granite, it gives us the price and the colour right then. It’s a very nice feature we have.

But, when you pick out your granite, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more money. The buyers always notice. Look, there’s a lot of competition out there, a lot of different people who are selling houses and flipping properties right now and I can walk into one of our properties with upgraded cabinets and appliances and backsplash and granite and it immediately stands out and buyers immediately like what they see versus a buyer can tell when you own the cheapest granite out there.

The buyers should already know because a lot of their investors will use exact same granite- the uber turbo or something light that’s very, very cheap- the pitch galaxy granite.

The buyer sees them all the time and they know that’s cheap granite. When they come in here and see the Ivory Fantasy, they have not seen this granite in any other flip around this area, so they know this is upgraded granite. It always pays off for me when I spend an extra four or five hundred dollars in granite expenses. Always pays off for me.

So I recommend you to look at upgrading your granite to a nice granite selection. If you’re not doing granite, I recommend you to do granite. If you’re doing granite and you’re doing a cheap granite, I recommend using a little higher in granite so that you stand apart from your competition for the buyers.

Anyways, I hope this video was helpful to you.