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Dec 4, 2016

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Choosing the right granite kitchen benchtop for a kitchen renovation or new build is a hard choice to make. Many clients find it difficult to make a decision due to the numerous considerations, like the edge detail and colour.
Posted by: David

5 Favourite Granite Kitchen Benchtop Styles

Choosing the right granite kitchen benchtop for a kitchen renovation or new build is a hard choice to make. Many clients find it difficult to make a decision due to the numerous considerations, like the edge detail and colour.

Furthermore, once the granite kitchen benchtop hurdle has been decided upon, then there is the need for selecting the matching cabinets. 

Granite is recommended and is frequently used due to its durability and its earthy colours that have the capacity to enhance greater texture to a kitchen.

These granite selections without question get an approval rating; due to movement, colour and their incredible flexibility in supplementing different cabinet styles.

Here are x5 grantie benchtop styles to consider, and how they are able to effortlessly blend with a variety of cabinet styles to make a great winning combination.

1. Bianco Romano
 Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Bianco Romano with painted cabinets, using granite if you desire that classic white kitchen look.

This granite benchtop works really well with pure white, warm white and beige cabinets. Moreover using nickel or oil-rubbed-bronze hardware works great with all the colors of the stone, which includes gray, white, cream and a deep bordeaux.

2. Seafoam Green

 Granite Kitchen Counter

Seafoam green with painted cabinets.

This granite can be considered extremely beautiful. The shade of green is unpretentious, with both grey and brown undertones.

There are really good markings in the stone that can be considered to look almost geometric. This granite works extremely well with painted cabinets and satin nickel hardware. It’s best when the stone is polished.

3. Costa Esmeralda 

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Costa Esmeralda with painted cabinets.

This granite is between blue, green and will of course vary from batch to batch. The green-blue of the stone has the capacity to blend flawlessly with nickel hardware and fixtures sandy white cabinets.

4. Absolute Black 

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Totally black with painted cabinets.

You will adore this traditional look of white cabinets and absolute black granite, which looks extremely good, either honed or polished.

Painted cabinets in many colours look perfect with this granite, and nickel, chrome or oil-rubbed-bronze fixtures and hardware look awesome.

5. Typhoon Bordeaux 

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Typhoon Bordeaux with painted cabinets.

Typhoon Bordeaux comes in grey, cream, brown or brick red. It's an impeccable choice for a light kitchen that has red undertones in the flooring.

This granite kitchentop really can contrast by batch, from subtle brick-red veining to strong waves of brick red. It is strongly recommended to be tried with beige or cream cabinets for a warm, light-filled kitchen.


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